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What we will accomplish

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Increase Academic Excellence

Reading, writing, and math are crucial to future success. However, Minnesota schools have had a steady decline in math, reading, and science over the last five years. As a school board member, I will work to increase our students' academic excellence.


One example of what I will do is review reading curriculum in elementary schools to make sure we are truly teaching kids to read and not merely guess based on pictures and context.

Ensure School Safety

School safety has a large impact on student success and well-being. If students feel unsafe, not only can their learning suffer, they can also be more likely to skip classes or drop out entirely. Teachers also need to be safe so that they can focus on their students. Teachers are also more likely to leave the school if they feel unsafe. I will work to ensure all of our schools are safe for everyone.

One example of what I will do is assess the factors contributing to school safety. This could include issues in the school but might also include issues such as busy roads near schools.

Support Parental Rights

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Parent engagement as well as curriculum transparency help parents verify their kids are being well-educated. Parents and teachers have the same goal: to support and educate students. I will work to improve the partnership between parents and teachers.

One example of what I will do is encourage parental involvement in their students learning and increase communication between the schools and parents.

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